Malta airport to charge non-refundable €1 on trolleys

Travellers from the UK will be able to pay in Sterling and get refund in euro

Pay €2 and get €1 change... the new MIA trolleys
Pay €2 and get €1 change... the new MIA trolleys

Malta International Airport will start charging €1 for the use of its trolleys.

In a statement, MIA said that in order to make the investment "cost effective", "as is becoming increasingly common in man European airports passengers will now have to pay €2 and will be refunded €1."

Unlike with the old trolleys, people can also pay with €5 or €10 euro notes and receive change. Those travelling from the UK, which is MIA's largest market, can pay in sterling and will receive change in euro.

"Malta International Airport has invested in a modern fleet of 240 luggage trolleys to upgrade its current set of 200. The trolleys are made of light aluminium so besides being more attractive, they are also easier to manoeuvre and less prone to rust," the airport said.

The trolleys will be placed at 10 conveniently located points around the terminal and car park, supported by an automatic system that helps the airport track the availability of trolleys in each bay. This ensures the bays are always replenished.

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Joseph MELI
Just like the banks these people have no scruples and cannot make enough profits .Insatiable or just plain and simple unaccountable and greedy bastards?
Malta international Airport is over doing it . Observer