Air Malta is scoring high on its customer surveys

Air Malta surveys over 10,000 customers in new customer satisfaction survey

Air Malta has surveyed over 10,000 customers to gauge their satisfaction levels in a new, simple, yet effective method, to understand real-time customer satisfaction levels. In these surveys the national airline is achieving one of the highest scores across various industries.

Air Malta is one of the first organisations in Malta to have introduced the Net Promoter Score (NPS). In contrast to traditional survey measures, NPS makes it possible to rectify issues fast rather than get to know about them months later. By then customers might have switched to a competitor.

This score also helps to understand where priorities for development and investment should be and how to achieve loyalty and positive recommendations. Customers are viewed as key ambassadors for the organisation.

Customers are surveyed online on one single question. They are asked to rate on a standard 0-10 scale the likelihood of recommending the company to a friend or colleague. Rating customers are classified in three categories: detractors, passives or promoters. The calculated NPS is an index deducting detractors from promoters (two highest scores) and can therefore range from +100 (all promoters) to -100 (all detractors).

Air Malta started measuring NPS this spring and now achieves an average score of +44, considered to be in the top range across any industry including airlines. More than 10,000 customers have given their feedback and during the last week of October the airline achieved a score of 54, which is an exceptionally good NPS. The airline intends to continue measuring this score to benchmark its performance.

This score is also shared with employees and is part of the efforts to make customer focus an integral part of the company culture.

NPS is easy to understand and has become very popular within organisations. If a company has more detractors than promoters the score will be negative and vice-versa. NPS provides companies with a simple and straightforward metric that can be used as motivation for employees to improve and to provide the best customer experience possible.

One of the main objectives is to convert customers who were less than happy or unimpressed into promoters who will put the word out and allow for increased revenues and profits.

This initiative is the foundation of a series of projects that Air Malta launches in order to enhance the customer experience and to show that the airline Cares More.

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