Diabetes sufferers disappointed with limited roll-out of monitoring devices

Maltese Diabetes Association says glucose monitoring devices should be free for everyone with type 1 diabetes

The Maltese Diabetes Association has expressed disappointment at the government’s failure to provide free continuous glucose monitoring devices (CGMs) for all people with type 1 diabetes for everyone, regardless of age.

“Persons living with diabetes deserve better. Such persons should have the best and most innovative devices to control their lifelong condition. Undoubtedly, this should be seen by the government as a long-term investment since better diabetes management through a CGM would ultimately result in fewer complications and hospitalisation costs,” the association said.

Budget 2022 announced free continuous glucose monitoring devices would be extended to those aged 17 to 21. To date, the monitors are being provided free to patients aged 16 and under.

The association said it hoped the scheme would be extended to all people with type 1 diabetes. “The scheme should first be extended for persons between the ages of 16 and 40 and eventually extended for all persons living with type 1 diabetes. Persons living with type 1 diabetes and who will not be eligible for a CGM because of their age were left feeling more frustrated and lost not knowing when they can expect to have a CGM.”

The association said it was necessary to manage one’s diabetes. “Persons who cannot afford such a device are being deprived of this important and innovative equipment to manage and better control their diabetes.”