Pullicino stands by statement that Farrugia blocked Ghallis project discussion

Former minister George Pullicino stands by statement that Parliamentary Secretary Michael Farrugia blocked discussion of waste treatment plant project in Ghallis

Nationalist MP George Pullcino
Nationalist MP George Pullcino

Former minister George Pullicino has stood by his claim in parliament on Wednesday that Parliamentary Secretary Michael Farrugia had personally blocked the discussion of a proposed waste treatment plant project in the Ghallis waste treatment facility by the MEPA board.

In a subsequen address later that day, Farrugia had flatly denied the claim, challenging Pullino to come forward and say where he had heard this falsehood from. He insisted that he had done no such thing.

However in a counter statement issued by the Nationalist Party, former minister George Pullicino stuck by his statement, insisting that Farrugia ordered MEPA chairman Austin Walker to stop the MEPA meeting.

"I confirm that is exactly what happened, that on Thursday 14 March he gave instructions to MEPA chairman Austin Walker to not continue with the MEPA Board meeting that had already started hearing the presentation regarding the project."

Pullicino added that "the application was not allowed to be placed on the agenda for 21 March when the Board was intended to start its final deliberation on the project."

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The GONZIPN clique will never learn the lesson that the people trashed them into oblivion for the massive lies, arrogance, and corruption that occurred under their patch. These Church going people take turns to lie like hell to the people and expect that the people will believe them. Like hell they do.!!!
Asking Austin Walker to stop discussing because he was going to be replaced is much different from what George Pulicino is saying, which if it is true ihe is simply being consistant with PN practices , that is , twisting facts to make a false argument. Parl Seg Farrugia challenged him to bring proof yet Pulicino as usual simply stuck to his calim. Chicken or should we say Turkey.