Consumers to benefit from eco-reduction even after tariff cuts

Energy Minister confirms eco-reduction to be retained despite reductions in utility bills.

Consumers will continue benefitting from the eco-reduction even after the reductions in utility bills come into effect.

In a statement issued in reaction to the Opposition leader's speech in parliament, the Ministry for the Energy confirmed that eco-reductions would remain in place.

The Ministry also said that consumers who today avail themselves of energy benefit vouchers would continue enjoying these reductions.

The Ministry said it was only thanks to a Labour government that consumers would enjoy tariff cuts.

"The government fails to understand why the Opposition continues to scare families when the government has already promised reductions in utility bills," the ministry said.

Joseph MELI
For those foreigners renting property here- also consumers- these will not' benefit ' from any reduction as the owner of the property (usually a second or more owned property and ergo not subject to an eco-reduction subsidy)will simply expect his lessee to pay the discriminatory difference in utility tariffs (and often-read invariably always-without either the owner or an estate agent if involved informing the renter of this dichotomy)for what is the renters sole residence.