164 instances of machine break-downs at BWSC plant in eight months

Energy Minister says ‘personal attacks’ won’t mar his determination.

Between January and September 2013, 164 instances of machine break-downs were reported at the BWSC plant of the Delimara power station.

Addressing parliament, Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi said that while the prototype plant was more efficient than the Marsa power station and the old Delimara plant, yet the savings being made were not enough.

"The only option for the reduction of utility tariffs was to turn to gas," Mizzi said.

The energy minister said the public should be aware of the "problematic" plant which was the BWSC plant.

"The plant, a prototype, is highly problematic causing high maintenance problems to the point that not all turbines would be working together at the same time," he said.

"Between January and September we had 164 instances where the plant's full operation was disrupted and sections of the plant had to be switched off. This, not to include the number of other maintenance problems which did not require the plant to be switched off."

Mizzi said that in three months, an average of 31 damages were reported each month between January and March.

"This is shameful and I invite George Pullicino to take a look at the problems the plant is causing. A power station which is still under guarantee," he said.

Turning to Pullicino, Mizzi said the former minister should be "ashamed".

But the minister's speech was also marked by several instances of cross-firing between Mizzi and his shadow minister, George Pullicino.

At one point, Pullicino told Mizzi to stop "talking nonsense" after the minister declared that Enemalta would be making a €45 million loss from the BWSC.

"I understand you are a bit frustrated, but this is the reality," Mizzi quipped as deputy speaker Censu Galea turned to Pullicino to stop interrupting the minister.

Things heated up when Mizzi suggested that Pullicino may have had other financial income which was not declared.

"I challenge you to declare them," Pullicino said, raising a point of order. "I challenge you to say what income I have which was not declared. My wife never had the income which yours has."

Reacting to the repeated references to his wife's role as a government special envoy, Mizzi said he was unperturbed by "personal attacks".

"Personal attacks will not mar my determination to see the completion of our energy project. I will speak about our trackrecord... I will definitely not speak about commercial holdings and interests which individuals on the other side have."

With his trademark "shame on you", Mizzi told Pullicino he was criticizing his [Pullicino's] performance as a minister and that it was not a personal attack.

"The Nationalist administration had five years to come up with a concrete plan on energy, but did nothing. On the other hand, we will be converting to gas during this legislature because it is doable. We implement what we promise," a spirited Mizzi said.

Beg to differ ~ TWENTY FIVE years not five years ;) ~ The Nationalist administration had five years to come up with a concrete plan on energy, but did nothing, NOTHING except browse the YELLOW PAGES !
Is BWSC saving us €52 Millions or costing us €52 Millions, George/Tonju? Eh bil-haqq, a sentence up there smells FISHY (PHEW what a smell!!!) Power to you Konrad!!! GO MAN GO!
This is what teh MAletse people have been lumped with by BWSC, the change in the environmental law to allow BWSC to win the contract and the €4,000,000 COMMISSION.