Threats over donation contract land man in hot water

A family row over property has led one man to be placed under a probation order after he threatened to shoot his relatives

A family row over property has led one man to be placed under a probation order after he threatened to shoot his relatives.

Joseph Baldacchino, 46, from Zebbug, appeared before duty magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras this morning, accused of slightly injuring his brother, as well as threatening his mother and siblings as well as breaching a probation order in favour of his mother.

The court heard Inspector Kylie Borg explain how on Sunday, at around noon, Baldacchino had confronted his relatives over an ongoing dispute over a property which his mother had donated to him.

Lawyer Alfred Abela explained that the mother had split the airspace over her property between Baldacchino’s siblings. Three flats were built there, but the accused had got sick and told his mother that he wanted to sell because he had nothing to live with. She had refused, however.

After having trouble with his business, exacerbated by health problems, the man had wanted to sell his property so as to be able to settle tax and medical bills. But his parents had objected, citing a clause in the donation contract that prohibited the sale.

So their son had leased out his property instead.

Things reached boiling point when one of Baldacchino’s tenants informed him that he didn’t have water and the mother had refused to give him a key to the roof.

Inspector Borg explained that whenever they meet, there are death threats. “Yesterday he said I’ll bring a revolver and shoot you.”

“Its escalating,” said the police inspector, pointing to a protection order previously issued in a district sitting. “He needs to understand that threats are illegal too.”

Abela asked for a conditional discharge for the man, arguing that he was not an aggressive person.

The Court pointed out that he had already been placed under a guarantee and that this clearly had not worked. Abela mooted the possibility of appointing a probation officer. “There is a problem with the parents and siblings,” he added.

The Magistrate admonished the man, telling him that he couldn’t attack someone every time he had an argument. “He has to stick with the court’s orders because today he has a probation order, but next time it would have serious repercussions,” warned the court.

“Your feelings are irrelevant at this stage. You need to speak to a lawyer and resolve the situation.

“Don’t think you got off lightly because there are consequences to this. These crimes normally carry with them a prison sentence.”

Imposing a Probation Order and a Restraining Order, as well as binding him under a €1,000 guarantee, the court warned him to avoid speaking to his relatives if these provoked him.