Minor who drove rental scooter into the sea at Spinola escapes prison sentence

The young man had driven a rental scooter into the sea

A foreign minor who was charged with voluntary damage to property when he drove a rental scooter into the sea was given a suspended sentence on Tuesday.

On 3 March, the police at the St Julian’s police station, were informed that a group of foreign minors with rental scooters were making a din at Spinola bay, the court heard.

While on site, police discovered that a 17-year-old Colombian had driven an MPT Commercial Ltd rental scooter into the sea.

The young man, whose name the court ordered not to be published, immediately admitted to his actions and pleaded guilty with the help of a Spanish translator.

Prosecuting inspector Joseph Scerri and defence counsel Deborah Azzopardi approached the bench and discussed the circumstances of the case with magistrate Gabriella Vella.

The court condemned him to nine months’ imprisonment suspended for one year.

He was also asked to pay €2,410 to MPT Commercial Ltd by not later than 23 March.