[WATCH] Santa Lucija murder: Police looking for man who shared residence with victim

Police searching for a foreign man who lived with the male murder victim found dead in Santa Lucija yesterday

The crime scene on Tuesday
The crime scene on Tuesday

The police are looking for a foreign man who shared residence with the male victim found dead inside a Santa Lucija apartment on Tuesday

In a press conference outside police headquarters in Floriana, police spokesperson Brandon Pisani said that the police were not excluding the male, who shared the residence with the victim, and who is at large, to be a potential suspect.

Police said that the victim is as yet unidentified due to the body’s advanced state of decomposition. However, police said that the forensic team identified wounds to the victim’s head likely caused by a sharp weapon.

Pisani, flanked by inspectors Keith Arnaud and Hubert Cini said that the victim and the man with whom he shared the apartment had been involved in altercations in the past. 

The victim was found under a bloodied sheet and wrapped in black garbage bags after neighbours on Misrah Durell complained of a bad smell issuing from the apartment in question.

Pisani said that a forensic team had also found signs of suffocation on the victim. 

The police confirmed that the man who shared residence with the victim is a foreigner and said they are unaware whether he’s still in the country or abroad.

The victim, though still unidentified, is likely to be Victor McKeon, a 62-year-old man known to police.