Man denies loan shark charge, granted bail

A protection charge is in place for a victim he allegedly threatened

A man from Fgura has denied charges of acting as a loan shark and threatening another man.

Clayton Galea, 37, from Fgura was arraigned under arrest before magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech this afternoon.

Police inspectors Hubert Cini and Paul Camilleri charged the man, who pleaded not guilty.

The prosecution also requested a protection order for the victim.

Defence lawyers Arthur Azzopardi and Rene Darmanin asked that their client be granted bail.

The court upheld the request, ordering Galea to sign a bail book three times a week, observe a curfew and provide a deposit of €1500 and a personal guarantee of €3000. The magistrate warned the man that if he approached or molested his alleged victim in any way, he would also face a fine of €7000 for breaching the protection order.

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