Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers complain after prison director rudely disrupts meeting with client

Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers claim breach of rights and seek court’s protection after prison director insists client documents be scanned

Gianluca Caruana Curran (left) with Yorgen Fenech. (C) Times Of Malta Alex Dalli (inset)
Gianluca Caruana Curran (left) with Yorgen Fenech. (C) Times Of Malta Alex Dalli (inset)

Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers have filed a court complaint after prison director Alex Dalli interrupted a conversation between them and their client.

In the complaint addressed to Magistrate Rachel Montebello, the lawyers said that on 16 November, lawyer Charles Mercieca visited Fenech at the Corradino Correctional Facility.

Mercieca was in possession of documents related to an upcoming court hearing.

The complaint states that 10 minutes into the meeting, the conversation was interrupted by the prison director accompanied by one of his assistants Helenio Galea.

The lawyers claim that Dalli started speaking in a rude manner, insisting the documents were not to be allowed during the meeting.

The lawyers had explained that the documents were needed for the approaching court hearing, and had the right to show them to the accused.

Outraged, Dalli kept on insisting that every single paper needs to be documented and scanned by prison officials. The documents were not handed over.

When seeing the lawyer’s insistence in not giving up the documents, Dalli ordered three SRT officers to escort the lawyer out of the room.

The complaint says that after five minutes of insistence, the lawyer realised that the accused was feeling emotionally disturbed, and so cut the meeting short.

The commotion continued outside the prison’s lawyers’ room, with the prison director swearing and banging on the reception desk when speaking to Mercieca.

The defence team said Dalli, surrounded by five prison guards, went on to say that he “doesn’t give a fuck” (ala zobbi) about anyone.

“I don’t give a fuck about the court. I own this place, I take decisions around here, and everyone has to obey me,” Dalli reportedly said.

The lawyer kept on insisting that it was his right to take in the papers when discussing the case with his client.

The prison director wouldn’t budge, and told the lawyer that if he didn’t like it, he could leave.

Through the complaint, the defence is requesting the court’s protection in the carrying out of its duties.

It has also informed the chamber of advocates over the case in order for the necessary action to be taken.

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