Sliema double murder: Getaway driver requests downgrading of murder charges

Court expert values gold items recovered from the scene at over €106,000

Viktor Dragomanski
Viktor Dragomanski

A lawyer representing a Macedonian man, Viktor Dragomanski, who is accused of the murder of Dr Christian Pandolfino and Ivor Maciejowski, has requested a downgrading of the charges against him in the light of exculpatory evidence.

Lawyer Joe Brincat made the request as the case continued before magistrate Joe Mifsud on Friday.  Brincat dictated a note to the court in which he drew the attention of the Attorney General to the fact that now “there is corroborated proof that Dragomanski was not inside the premises when the homicide was committed, and this not only results from the CCTV cameras but also from the results of the fingerprint expert.”

The defence requested that the charges be reduced “to a more suitable charge” according to law due to the evidence now available.

Pandolfino and Maciejowski were murdered in August 2020 at their home in Locker Street, Sliema. Both men were shot dead in what police said was a botched robbery.

Previous sittings had heard Dragomanski described as the getaway driver in the heist. Three men have been charged in connection with the murders: Dragomanski, Kristiansen and Albanian national Daniel Muka.

In both the case against Dragomanski, as well as the separate but related the case against Jesper Kristiansen, which was also heard this morning, the court heard the testimony of a court expert appointed to value the items of jewellery recovered at the scene.

Francesco Zampa told the court that the items were valued at a total of €106,103, of which a necklace and pendant were valued at €3,385 and a ring at €1,600.

The cases will continue on June 24.

Inspector Colin Sheldon and lawyer George Camilleri from the Office of the Attorney General are prosecuting. Lawyer Joe Brincat is appearing on behalf of Dragomanski, while lawyer Stefano Filletti is representing Kristiansen.