Pensioner charged with money laundering again after police raid uncovers large cash sum

A pensioner investigated by police after his son had been arrested on charges of drug trafficking is charged with money laundering

A pensioner accused of money laundering has been denied bail
A pensioner accused of money laundering has been denied bail

A pensioner who was being followed by the police after a drugs case involving his son has been charged with money laundering and breach of bail conditions.

Mario Brignone, 66, from Bormla pleaded not guilty to the charges but was denied bail over fears that he may tamper with evidence.

Police inspector Leanne Bonello said investigators were following Brignone's tracks as part of an investigation involving his son, Josef Zammit.

A police raid on Zammit’s Żabbar home last month led officers to the father’s house, where they found almost €15,000 in cash. 

Investigations revealed that Brignone had withdrawn almost €9,000 over the past few weeks with the police also finding plastic sachets they believe are being used for drug trafficking.

Brignone, who already faces a pending money laundering case, receives a pension of just over €700 a month. The man told police he had a gambling addiction.

Police told the court that while on police bail, Brignone always kept to his appointments but were concerned about potential tampering with evidence. 

Magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras ordered the freezing of the man's assets.  She also turned down a request for bail and the man was remanded in custody.

Lawyers Franco Debono and Marion Camilleri appeared for Brignone.

Lawyers Etienne Savona and Godwin Cini from Attorney General's office also prosecuted.