Argument between neighbours leads to discovery of drugs, knuckleduster

Man gets suspended sentence over drug and weapon possession after a quarrel with neighbour

Man is given a suspended sentence after police find drugs and a knuckleduster at his home
Man is given a suspended sentence after police find drugs and a knuckleduster at his home

A man’s argument with a neighbour left him facing drug and weapon charges, after police found cannabis, cocaine and heroin in a subsequent search of his property.

Carlos Camilleri, 42, of Marsa, appeared in the dock before Magistrate Victor Axiaq this afternoon, accused of possession of cannabis, cocaine and heroin.

He was further accused of possessing a prohibited weapon – a knuckleduster – threatening his neighbour and causing him to fear violence.

Inspector Stacy Gatt, prosecuting, also asked the court to make provisions for the safety of the neighbour.

Gatt explained that Camilleri had been involved in an argument with a man living next door and at one point had fetched a knuckleduster, threatening the man with it. Camilleri himself had admitted to possession of the weapon and had handed it to the police.

A subsequent search of his home had discovered 142g of cannabis and a small amount of heroin and cocaine, she added.

Lawyers Franco Debono and Francesca Zarb entered a guilty plea, pointing out that the man was only charged with simple possession.

Debono informed the court that both sides had informally agreed that a suspended sentence would be ideal in the circumstances.

The magistrate ordered the prosecutor and defence lawyer to approach the bench where they discussed the case out of earshot of the public and press for several minutes.

The court, noting that the accused had pleaded guilty to all of the charges against him and also noting the informal plea bargaining that had taken place between the parties, found Camilleri guilty and sentenced him to one year of imprisonment, suspended for two years. The court explained the consequences of the suspension to the man.

A protection order was also issued in favour of the victim.