Man to be held at Mount Carmel after being charged with threatening his wife with a gun

A domestic argument over money ended up with a man being admitted to a mental hospital after allegedly threatening his wife with a firearm

A domestic argument over money ended up with a man allegedly threatening his wife with a firearm.

The 57-year-old accused from Iklin, who had been receiving treatment at Mount Carmel Hospital, was arrested on 26 July following an argument with his wife, around which time he allegedly took a firearm out of his bedroom gun safe and loaded it.

The man’s wife and daughter dialled 112 for assistance but subsequently hung up as the man had calmed down. 

Shortly after that, the man himself had called the police to tell them that there was no reason to come over as what the women had said was not true. The police, however, soon arrived at his home and arrested him.

On Monday, Inspector Audrey Micallef charged the man with causing his wife and daughter to fear violence, insulting and threatening his wife and exceeding the limits of provocation.

He pleaded not guilty. His lawyer Ezekiel Psaila requested bail.

After hearing arguments from prosecution and defence, Magistrate Charmaine Galea acceded to the bail request, releasing the man from arrest against a personal guarantee of €2,000, but ordered the man to reside at Mount Carmel Hospital continue receiving treatment for what sources say is depression. Failure to do so without court authorisation would result in his re-arrest on breach of bail, warned the magistrate.

The weapon was confiscated.