Man assaulted officers after smashing car windshields

A man has been remanded in custody after being accused of assaulting police officers while being arrested for smashing car windshields in Qawra

(File photo)
(File photo)

A court has been told how an armed man had assaulted police officers arresting him for smashing car windshields on Monday night.

Police inspector Ryan Vella arraigned Timothy Obiagebna, 25, from St Paul’s Bay, before Magistrate Rachel Montebello on Wednesday and charged him with wilful property damage, carrying a knife without a permit, assaulting police officers and disobeying orders, as well as having reviled, threatened or caused bodily harm to two officers, slightly injuring them and breaching the peace.

Obiagebna declared that he had no means to afford a lawyer, and so lawyer Daniel Attard was appointed legal aid.

Inspector Vella explained in court how, on 2 August, the police were told that a person was smashing car windshields in St Paul’s Bay. Officers went to the site but didn’t see the perpetrator there. They called the control room and were directed to the nearby church in Qawra.

Obiagebna was found carrying a 20cm long knife, a metal pipe and a long metal fork.

The inspector said that the accused had complied when told to put the weapons down but had resisted when he was being handcuffed, necessitating the use of pepper spray. Two officers were injured during the arrest, and the police vehicle was also damaged, Vella said.

The magistrate pointed out to the accused that the charges were serious and carried with them a prison term, as she informed him of his rights.

“I’m not guilty,” said the man, shaking his head.

Bail was not requested.

The man was remanded in custody. The case will be assigned according to law.