Man accused of injuring elderly father, threatening five relatives in family row

Accused remanded in custody, with defence lawyer asking court to recommend him to be held at the forensic section of Mount Carmel Hospital

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

A man from Għaxaq has been remanded in custody on charges relating to a fight between him and several family members, which resulted in his septuagenarian father suffering slight injuries.

The 53-year-old truck driver was arraigned before magistrate Rachel Montebello by Inspector Audrey Micallef, who told the court that on 16 January, the police had received reports from five family members of the accused, including his father, brother and son about an argument which escalated.

The accused’s father had been slightly injured in the fight, which the inspector added, had taken place in the presence of the accused’s seven-year-old nephew. The other relatives were threatened, said the inspector.

The man was subsequently arrested and taken into custody.

After the charges were read out to the accused in court this morning, Magistrate Montebello explained his rights to him and asked what he would be pleading. A not guilty plea was entered by defence lawyer Mario Mifsud.

Mifsud said he would not be requesting bail at this stage, but asked the court to recommend that the accused be held at the forensic section of Mount Carmel Hospital. The prosecution did not object to the request, which the court subsequently upheld.

The magistrate, pointed out that she could only recommend and not order the Corradino Correctional Facility director to comply, however.