Two granted bail after stealing copper from Casino di Venezia site

This is not the first time the young men have been caught carrying out illegalities having been charged with domestic violence and drug trafficking among other charges

Casino di Venezia (File photo)
Casino di Venezia (File photo)

Two young men who stole copper cables from a Casino di Venezia site have been granted bail after pleading not guilty to the charges brought against them.

Jean Claude Fava, 22, and Gareth Chlach, 23, both from Bormla, were charged with stealing and breaching court orders.

This is not the first time the young men have been caught carrying out illegalities, with Fava having faced charges of drug trafficking, and Chlach accused of domestic violence and theft.

The court heard how the police had received an anonymous tip off from someone who saw them walking in the street while carrying certain items.

A search at their residence revealed the items made of copper. The prosecution also explained how other items found at their house could have been used during other crimes.

The defence argued the stolen items were retrieved from an abandoned building.

Both of the accused pleaded not guilty, and bail was granted against a personal guarantee of €10,000 and a deposit of €1,000 each. They were also ordered to sign a bail book every day at their local police station.

Magistrate Astrid May Grima presided over the case.

Dr. Charmaine Cherett was legal aid.