[WATCH] Ħamrun brawl leaves one person hospitalised, police call in reinforcements

District police officers in Ħamrun had to call in the Rapid Intervention Unit to help bring the situation under control after a massive brawl on High Street

The brawl happened on Ħamrun's busy main road
The brawl happened on Ħamrun's busy main road

Police had to intervene after a fight broke out between a group of more than 20 people on Ħamrun's High Street at around 12:30pm.

Video footage of the brawl shows district police officers clearly outnumbered as they try to keep individuals apart. One of the people involved in the fight is seen brandishing a pipe, while another one is seen threatening to strike out with a restaurant display board.

Shoppers in the busy street fled the area as the men fought each other.

Eventually, reinforcements from the Rapid Intervention Unit were roped in to calm down the situation.

A spokesperson for the police said that at least one person had to be taken to Mater Dei Hospital for treatment but could not confirm whether any arrests were made.

The situation was eventually brought under control after around 20 minutes.

At least one person had to be taken to Mater Dei hospital for treatment.

MP calls for better law enforcement

Meanwhile, Nationalist MP Darren Carabott has called for better law enforcement in Hamrun and Marsa, which fall in his constituency.

"It happened again... and this is what will keep on happening if we continue sweeping these problems under the carpet," Carabott said. He thanked the police officers who intervened to stop the fight but insisted the authorities responsible for law and order were not understanding the problems of the area.

"I appeal once again [for better law enforcement] because if these problems are not addressed the stigma on Hamrun and Marsa will persist and the problems will get worse," he said.