Police charge second person over Ħamrun brawl

Abdullah Ahmed, 35, has been remanded in custody  

File photo
File photo

The police have charged a second man in connection with a Hamrun brawl on Thursday.

Abdullah Ahmed, 35, who lives in Marsa, was charged with causing grievous body injuries to Tukri Ali, with breaching the public peace, and with threatening other persons.

He was also charged with disobeying police orders, with carrying a sharp object as a weapon and with breaking a court order.

Defence lawyer Matthew Xuereb told the Court that his client’s arrest wasn’t valid, as Abdullah Ahmed’s arrest warrant was in English and Maltese, and the accused had no interpreter.

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Prosecution inspector Roderick Spiteri rebutted by saying that while there was no interpreter present at the moment of the arrest, there was an interpreter at the police station where the accused was being held.

Presiding over the case, magistrate Lara Lanfranco validated the arrest and stated the accused’s rights were not broken. The accused was remanded in custody.

Abdullah Ahmed is the second person to be charged over Thursday’s fight, with 30-year-old Abdullah Sheikh Ahmad, from Syria, accused of threating Zijab Alahmad on Saturday.

Around 20 individuals are believed to be involved in the brawl.

Jacob Magri appeared for the victim as parte civile.