Police warn of scam emails purporting to come from the police accusing recipients of child porn

If you received an email cautioning you of police action for involvement in online child pornography or other cybercrimes, do not respond because it’s just a scam

Fake emails purporting to come from the Malta police force and denouncing recipients for involvement in online porn and paedophilia are doing the rounds, the police have warned.

The emails are part of a scam asking recipients to respond to the fake police summons or court order by replying to a gmail address.

On Tuesday, the police force renewed its appeal for such emails to be ignored and deleted immediately.

Copies of these scam emails circulated by the police show documents with the logos of the Malta Police Force and Interpol containing text in badly written Maltese highlighting the supposed sexual crimes committed by the recipient. The email then asks the recipient to reply with 48 hours to justify the crimes by sending an email to a gmail address that is supposed to belong to the Malta police force.

This is all a scam to initiate communication with the recipient in a bid to collect vital information about the person, which could be used to illicit ends.