Police fine 63 commercial vehicles in just a week during Luqa traffic stops

Police, together with the European Roads Policing Network, carried out traffic inspections on commercial vehicles passing through Garibaldi Road, Luqa

The police issued 63 contraventions to commercial vehicles in traffic stops carried out in Luqa last week.

Contraventions included driving without a licence, no registration plates, vehicles kept in a bad state and headlights which were not in accordance with the law.

The traffic stops carried out by the police were coordinated by the European Roads Policing Network (Roadpol), and saw the involvement of multiple government agencies.

The traffic inspections were carried out on commercial vehicles driving through Garibaldi Road, Luqa.

Trucks and large vehicles were inspected for oil leakages, tyre degradation, expired fire extinguishers, the proper harnessing of cargo and visible number plates.

From the 115 inspected vehicles, two were not allowed to keep on driving, and the respective vehicles were towed by Transport Malta.

Officials from the industrial relations unit (DIER) also flagged 15 cases where employees were not found to be employed in accordance with the law.

Infringements included illegally employed employees, workers not having an employment contract and underpaid workers. Jobsplus also flagged nine individuals who were breaking employment law.