Man remanded in custody following alleged drug find in his car

The accused was flagged by sniffer dogs upon arriving from Pozzallo on Friday

A man was remanded in custody after pleading not guilty to drug importation.

On Sunday, a 36-year-old Serbian national, Nemanja Bozin, residing in Wardija, faced charges of drug trafficking following the alleged discovery of cannabis grass in his car by customs officials and a sniffer dog. Bozin had just gotten off the Sicily ferry.

Bozin, who works as a maintenance worker on vessels, was flagged by sniffer dogs upon arriving from Pozzallo on Friday.

A subsequent search revealed cannabis grass both in the car's front section and in a container.

The accused, charged with drug trafficking conspiracy, importing cannabis grass, and possessing the drug under circumstances suggesting non-personal use, pleaded not guilty.

Bozin was remanded in custody, as his defence lawyer opted not to request bail during the arraignment.

The case was prosecuted by Inspectors Mark Anthony Mercieca and John Leigh Howard, while defence counsel Roberta Bonello represented Bozin.