Police accuse man of stealing scaffolding and selling it for scrap

Desmond Agius was recognised from CCTV footage, the court was told.

Police valued the stolen scaffolding at €1,400
Police valued the stolen scaffolding at €1,400

The police have charged a man with stealing scaffolding from a site in Valletta, after recognising him from security footage. 

Inspector Gabriel Micallef arraigned Desmond Joseph Agius, 56, from Sliema before magistrate Ian Farrugia on Thursday, on theft- related charges.

Inspector Micallef gave an overview of the investigation into the January 3 theft, explaining that officers who reviewed CCTV footage had recognised Agius. 

The defendant was later arrested on the strength of a warrant. While being questioned, Agius had confirmed to his interrogators that he had stolen the material, which was worth around €1,400 and had sold it to a scrap yard.

Appearing in the dock this morning, unassisted by legal counsel, Agius pleaded not guilty and requested bail. 

The defendant’s request to released from arrest was rejected, however, the court upholding the prosecution's objections on the grounds that witnesses were yet to testify.