Marsaskala man sentenced to probation after admitting to threatening ex-partner

Man handed three-year probation sentence after threatening his former partner and her child

A man from Marsaskala has been sentenced to probation and prohibited from approaching or contacting his ex-partner, after he admitted to threatening her during an argument.

The defendant, a 56-year-old Syrian interior decorator, whose name is being withheld in order to prevent his wife and children suffering secondary victimisation, was arraigned before Magistrate Caroline Farrugia Frendo on Monday.

Police Inspector Audrey Micallef charged the man with having threatened the woman and causing her to fear that he would be violent towards her during an incident on Saturday. He was also accused of exceeding the limits of provocation and misuse of electronic telecommunications equipment.

The woman in question is a mother to two children, one of them by the defendant. They are no longer in a relationship.

In court, the defendant also admitted to causing the child that is not his to fear violence, as well as to misuse of telecommunications in her regard.

Magistrate Farrugia Frendo sentenced the man to probation for three years and issued a three-year protection order in favour of the victims.

Lawyers Joseph Giglio and Michaela Giglio assisted the defendant, while lawyer Edmond Cuschieri appeared for the victims.