Update 2 | 68 bendy buses temporarily taken off the roads

Third Arriva bendy bus fire prompts government action.

In 2004, all bendy-buses in London were taken out of service following three separate fires on the vehicles, BBC had reported.
In 2004, all bendy-buses in London were taken out of service following three separate fires on the vehicles, BBC had reported.

The Ministry for Transport and Transport Malta have ordered the temporary removal of bendy buses after three bendy buses caught fire in the past days.

During an urgent meeting between the ministry and the operator, Arriva agreed with the decision.

Arriva also agreed to cover the costs after the ministry, Transport Malta and Arriva agreed the Unscheduled Bus Services (UBS) should cover the routes serviced by the bendy buses.

The ministry confirmed that some 68 bendy buses will be taken off the roads tonight.

While these are temporarily suspended, an independent investigation will inspect the vehicles.

The General Workers Union (GWU) expressed satisfaction at this decision, after earlier today it appealed to the Ministry to take bendy buses off the road.

This morning another Arriva bendy bus caught fire but the blaze was quickly contained.

The incident happened at around 12:35pm near the Xemxija roundabout.

According to initial reports, smoke was noticed coming out of the engine area and the driver proceeded to evacuate the passengers. It appears the bus was full of passengers.

The Police confirmed no one was injured in the incident.

This was the third bendy bus to catch fire since Saturday night, and the ninth bus since the beginning of the year.

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Paul Sammut
Sensible action.
@Joe J. Borg Why don't you make the same questions to the smartest minister of all time, Austin Gatt????????????????????
Adrian Busuttil
Lets hope that temporary becomes permanent - these behemoths have no place on Malta's narrow, overcrowded streets. It's a pity that Arriva did not offer to remove them voluntarily, being that they are quite obviously unsuited to Malta. Could it be that they were only interested in "the bottom line?"
No wonder the Mayor of London made it a point to mention the dumping of Arriva bendy buses to Malta ! And no wonder all the audience, including PM Cameron, burst out laughing, and the clip made the run of the world! Even in this, the PN had rendered Malta an international laughing stock.
austin gatt used to state that all the arriva buses are new - i think that they are all second hand - government should clarify this matter
Would be interesting to know if this is the same issue !! Bendy-buses withdrawn after fires http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/3563279.stm
remember the british comedy hit ON THE BUSES ,how i used to enjoy watching it but this new episode is even better.
One should agree with a proper investigations into these incidents which incidentally happened one after the other, when in the previous 2 years there was none. And if these are being withdrawn on a permanent basis, I should ask the Minister and TM what tey are going to do, when in September the traffic inxreases? Has the Minister been informed that since the use of bendy-buses from Marsascala to Valletta the problem of waiting in Fgura disappeared? What we are going to do now? Wait and then grumbling begins again?
Were these buses purchased new or second hand? How much did they cost? Was any research carried out before making the actual purchase? How much has the change from the old buses cost the Maltese taxpayers up to now? Please enlighten me with your answers.
Issa spicca zmien il-buzulotti AG

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