Fantasy Tour directors try to shirk off personal liability

Azzopardi shareholders file counter protest over holidaymakers' claims

The director and shareholders of a travel company that went bust and ruined holiday plans for hundreds of holidaymakers, have filed a counter-protest in reply to their former clients for the reimbursement of their holiday monies.

Karl Azzopardi, director and shareholders of Golden Travel Ltd, said that the clients had transacted their holidays with another subsidiary, Golden Travel Club Ltd, and that they could not be held personally responsible for the claims.

The tour operator, Fantasy Tours, ceased operations as a legal company in 2005 but the name was used as a trading name for Golden travel Club Ltd.

The Azzopardi family said that anyone filing claims against them would be held responsible for any damages they incur.

On the other hand, the company Golden Travel Club Ltd was admitting to owing the refunds to the former clients, but said that it could not honour its obligations due to liquidation proceedings.

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If the victims fail to recover their money because of the ridiculous law would someone blame them if they try to get their money back in other ways?
Galantomi eh !
What a bunch of macaroni! These people paid good money to the tour operator so they can enjoy a nice vacation and now they are being denied a refund after the tour operators defaulted on their obligations to provide a holiday which has already been paid for? These tour operators and investors know that it might take years for this case to come before the Maltese courts and by then they will all be dead. Remember, "We are Maltese and we do as we please". When is the change in our courts coming PL? Expedite this case and do not let these poor people down and do not let Tour operators and others get away with it. All these people want is their money back. Money which they have already paid to the tour operator.
Very cheeky of the Azzopardis, they are trying to get round the law. Hopefully Justice will prevail!