Father of six remanded in custody over fourth theft charge

Libyan who faces three counts of theft remanded in custody after being charged for stealing from a restaurant.

Libyan national Isam Mohamed El Shahumi was today remanded in custody after being arraigned, for the fourth time, on theft charges.

The 35-year old, father of six and currently unemployed, pleaded with the magistrate to be granted bail.

Considering that he had three convictions in a single year, Magistrate Carol Peralta ruled that it would be irresponsible of him to let him walk away.

“For the sake of my wife and children, let me go,” El Shahumi repeatedly begged the court.

“If you respect your wife and children you should think about them prior to stealing. You cannot use them as an excuse – stop stealing,” the magistrate replied.

As the mother of his children broke in tears, El Shahumi pleaded not guilty to stealing 43 bottles of wine, a bottle of Amaretto, tools and household decorations from Palazzo Santa Rosa, in Mistra Bay.

He was also charged with committing an offence while on bail, breaching the terms of a suspended sentence and two conditional discharges and relapsing.

Magistrate Carol Peralta, noted the request for bail voiced by the defence but ruled that “the safety of society was paramount”.

The accused was remanded in custody.

Lawyer Charmaine Cherrett appeared for the accused.