Police officer injured by inmates

A female police constable on duty at Mount Carmel Hospital has been rushed to hospital after being assaulted by two inmates

A woman police constable has been taken to Mater Dei Hospital after the officer was assaulted by two female inmates at the Forensic Unit at Mount Carmel Hospital.

At around 7:25pmm WPC315 Lisette Agius was on guard duty at Mount Carmel, when a fight broke out between two female inmates. The police constable tried to intervene but the two assaulted her and threw her against the wall. One of the inmates, a foreigner, hit the officer's head against thewall and refused to let go of the constable. Officers from the Detention Services controlled the situation and called for assistance.

The officer suffered slight injuries and was hospitalised, however this newspaper is informed that the officer's condition is stable.

A Mount Carmel Hospital witness said this was the third incident in which officers had been assaulted by inmates. "Rather than being kept inside their designated areas, these inmates are left to roam in the corridors, risking a great chance of arguments between them," the source said.

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