Man admits to stealing from St Paul's Bay kiosk

A relapser is jailed for 18-months after he admits to stealing cash from a kiosk in St Paul’s Bay, back in August last year

Ivan Galea, 39 of Valletta was handed an 18-month jail term after pleading guilty to charges of theft.

Prosecuting inspector Fabian Fleri told the court how in the early hours of 23 August last year the accused stole cash from the Mare Azzurro Kiosk in St Paul’s Bay. The theft was reported by owner Romina Catania. Galea was apprehended by the police and charged with the theft and relapsing.

The accused pleaded guilty as charged.

Considering that the accused admitted very early in the proceedings and his clean police record, Magistrate Josette Demicoli convicted Galea and handed him an 18-month jail term.