Five-month jail term for trafficking ecstasy, possession of cannabis

A 30-year old woman was jailed for five months and fined €950 after admitting to buying 70 ecstasy pills to give to her friends during Carnival weekend in 2012.

Natasha Mary Farrugia, 32, of Zurrieq, was handed a five-month jail term and fined €950 after being convicted of trafficking 70 ecstasy pills and being in possession of cannabis.

Prosecuting officer Inspector Nikolai Sant explained how on 17 February 2012, the woman was on her way to Gozo for Carnival. The police stopped and searched her and found 50 ecstasy pills. Subsequent searches at her residence revealed a small amount of cannabis.

The accused admitted with the officer that she had bought 70 ecstasy pills to pass on to her friends in Gozo. This was not the first time she had bought drugs for her friends.

The officer told the court that Farrugia collaborated with the investigators and a controlled delivery resulted in other traffickers being taken to court.

Court expert Godwin Sammut confirmed that the pills were indeed ecstasy and told the court that the 0.87 grams of cannabis found was 6% pure.

The accused faced charges of drug trafficking and possession, and relapsing. In 2001, Farrugia was charged with simple possession and was handed a conditional discharge.

In 2008, she was convicted of breaching bail conditions and was fined. However the court noted the Farrugia had since kicked the habit. In February this year, the accused admitted to the charges.

Noting how Farrugia helped in the investigations, Magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras handed her a five-month jail term and fined her €950. The court also ruled that the accused is to pay €697 in court expenses.