Youth jailed for six months, fined €4,000 for biting policeman

Home affairs ministry welcomes decision after 18-year-old youth is jailed for six months and fined €4,000 for biting policeman

An 18-year-old youth from Zabbar was this afternoon jailed for six months and fined €4,000 after pleading guilty to biting and assaulting a police officer.

Kyle Muscat, and his brother, Keith Muscat, 23, both of Zabbar, also admitted to resisting arrest, and to injuring police inspector Jurgen Vella.

The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon at around 1:00pm in St Joseph Street, Zabbar. Informed sources said police were called in at the accused’s farm to carry out an inspection after they received reports of animal cruelty.

It is understood that at one point, the two brothers refused to leave a garage. Subsequently, the brothers attacked police officials, while Kyle Muscat bit inspector Vella’s finger.

Standing before Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera this afternoon, the two youths pleaded guilty to the charges. Kyle Muscat was jailed for six months, while his 23-year-old brother was handed a six month imprisonment term suspended for two years.

Both brothers were also fined €4,000.

Meanwhile, home affairs minister Manuel Mallia welcomed the decision and insisted that any form of violence on police is “unacceptable.”

Inspectors Mario Tonna and Josric Mifsud prosecuted.