Nigerian and Maltese arrested and charged after drug finding

Two men arrested by police and charged in court after large drug findings, both plead not guilty.

A 34-year-old Nigerian man from Trapani in Sicily, was arrested by customs police after they found two kilogrammes of cannabis hidden in his jacket linings. The arrest was made late last night as the man arrived in Malta from Pozallo, Sicily.

In a separate case, police arrested a 46-year-old Maltese man from St Paul’s Bay after finding him in possession of around 81 suspected ecstacy pills and around 20 packets containing suspected cocaine. He was arrested during police inspections in Paceville to identify people suspected of trafficking drugs in entertainment venues.

Both men were charged in court and both pleaded not guilty. While the Maltese man has been released on bail under court-imposed conditions, the Nigerian man remains under arrest in the Corradino Correctional Facility.