Car thief is caught a week after giving police the slip

Kalkara man is arrested in Safi by Rapid Intervention Unit officers

A Kalkara man was arrested in Safi after spending the last week on the run.

The arrest was made at 2:50pm when police were informed of a suspicious man making use of a stolen vehicle in Safi.

Rapid Intervention Unit officers arrived on the scene, at which point the man threw away a bag he had in hand to make a run for it.

Police gave chase and finally apprehended him on Triq il-Punici.

The man is wanted for the theft of cars from Sliema, and of having attempted to run over two police officers in Birgu on 16 December, while he was being chased by the police.

The man was only released from prison two months ago, after serving a sentence related to theft charges.

Sources told MaltaToday that the bag that the man had been holding could have contained some unidentified drugs. The car he had been driving was stolen from Zejtun.