Police use taser gun to control armed man making use of drugs

Mother forced to request police's assistance to help control son who is a drug addict

A mother was forced to call the police after her 36-year-old son turned violent while under drug influence.

The incident happened in Triq il-Fabbriki in Xghajra at around midday. It all started when yesterday a woman called the police reporting that she could not control her son, who was making use of drugs inside the house. Under drug influence, the man caused substantial damage before heading out of the house with a firearm.

The police told the woman to call them back when the son returned home.

The man returned home today and the woman called the police. Upon entering the house, the police found the man sitting on a sofa rolling something and a number of syringes next to him.

As soon as he was faced by the police, he at first appeared to be cooperative until he grabbed two knives and started threatening the officers.

The police said that at this stage, the officers had no other option but to make sue of the taser gun “for both his security and those around him” until he was handcuffed.

The man eventual gave in and no other incidents were reported.


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