Suspended sentence handed for injuring woman

A man was handed a 14-month jail term suspended for four years and a fine for seriously injuring a woman who had chased him down to retrieve her stolen phone

A barmaid was seriousy injured by a Ħal Far open centre resident in the early hours of this morning when she chased him all the way from King’s Own Band Club in Valletta to City Gate after he had stolen her mobile phone, a court heard this morning.

According to the police, 32-year-old Shiling Fadi, from Libya got hold of the barmaid’s mobile phone and ran up Republic Street until he was confronted by the woman and her colleagues near the Tritons Fountain.

The incident happened at about 1.30am as the bar was closing.

The accused admitted to punching the women in her face, causing her minor fractures, threatening her with a knife and disobeying police orders.

He was given a 14-month jail term suspended for four years and fined €116 which is payable over six months.

Police inspector Daryl Borg prosecuted while lawyer Noel Bartolo was legal aid.

Magistrate Charmaine Galea presided over the case.