Anger management ordered as man pleads not guilty to assaulting wife

The man is to seek treatment for anger issues, after pleading guilty to injuring his wife during an altercation

A violent husband is to be treated for anger issues, after pleading guilty to having slightly injured his wife during an altercation on the Ta’ Xbiex seafront.

The incident occurred last Sunday at around 2:00pm when the man, whose name could not be published by order of the court, was visited at his Ta’ Xbiex workplace by his wife.

The couple had an argument, which descended into violence, leaving the woman with slight injuries.

Her husband appeared in court before magistrate Neville Camilleri this morning, after he was arrested and charged with having slightly injured his wife and breaching the public peace.

Inspector Jonathan Ransley explained that this was not the first incident involving the man and that he clearly needed help.

As the man sat in the dock however, his wife explained to the court that she wanted to drop the charges against her husband.

The woman explained that she still lived with her husband and was willing to take him back, despite his aggression, for the good of the family.

She said she wanted to withdraw her complaint with the caveat that her husband must bind himself to undergo treatment for anger management.

Defence lawyer Marion Camilleri suggested that the accused be placed under the supervision of  a Probation Officer, who could suggest the best treatment possible, including anger management and family therapy.

This would treat the accused’s problems for the benefit of all involved, submitted the lawyer.

The man pleaded guilty and was placed under a three-year Probation Order, which included treatment as one of the conditions.

The court warned him not to breach any of the conditions.

Inspector Jonathan Ransley prosecuted.

Lawyers Franco Debono and Marion Camilleri were defence counsel.

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