Man ‘obsessed’ with ex-partner accused of harassing, threatening to kill her

Bail denied in case involving 46-year-old man who refused to accept relationship was over, threatened former partner and her sister repeatedly

Jesmond Azzopardi, 46, from Qormi, was arraigned in court before magistrate Aaron Bugeja today, charged with having, on January 8, threatened to kill his ex-partner and her sister, and caused them to fear that violence would be used against them or their property.

He was also charged with harassing his ex and her sister, threatening, over the telephone, to commit a crime, being in possession of a pointed or bladed weapon while committing a crime, carrying the weapon without a licence and threatening the two victims and other persons using a hard object without inflicting any injury on them.

Moreover, he was charged with disturbing the public peace, entering a home despite being warned not to, and breaching the conditions of a court guarantee.

The accused pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Inspector Elton Taliana, prosecuting, told the court that Azzopardi had recently broken up with his partner, and had after this started harassing the victim and her sister, also threatening that he would kill his ex-partner and himself.

Taliana said that the accused had told his former partner that he had a revolver and was prepared to use it.

The inspector explained that the accused had once called his ex while she was at the police station, and he was able to witness Azzopardi’s threats first-hand.

Because of this, the police were forced to arrest the man, as there was the possibility that he could commit a crime.

While he was arrested, it had emerged that Azzopardi was obsessed with the woman and refused to accept that their relationship was over.

It was evident that the accused needed psychiatric care, the prosecution told the court.

On the other hand, the defence argued that the facts as told were not correct, and they thus requested bail.

The prosecution objected to bail being granted, and said that the accused had in the past been found guilty of similar crimes in which another victim was involved.

“He himself knows he cannot take control of the situation without assistance,” the prosecution said, arguing that his behaviour would persist if he did not remain under arrest, and that he had to be given appropriate treatment to prevent him from hurting himself or others.

The defence said that although Azzopardi had previously been in a very poor emotional state, he was now stable. Moreover, it said that he has always previously followed court orders and attended court sessions, was trustworthy, and was also prepared to guarantee that he would not approach the victim.

In response, the prosecution said that the gravity of the threats and harassment, and the aggressive behaviour displayed towards his ex-partner, showed that he should be kept under arrest.

Taking into consideration the arguments brought before it, the court decided to deny bail and appointed doctor Ethel Felice to evaluate the accused and inform the court of the accused’s mental and emotional condition.

The case continues.

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