Norwegian man denies drug, knife charges

Court grants bail to Norwegian, who stands accused of drug possession and threatening another man

Daniel Haegglov, a Sliema resident from Norway has been released on bail after denying a number of drug and knife charges.

Haegglov, 31, appeared before Magistrate Doreen Clarke on Friday, accused of aggravated possession of cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy in circumstances which denoted that the drugs were not for his personal use.

He was also accused of carrying a knife without the permission of the Police Commissioner, disturbed public order and threatened another foreign national with whom he had an argument on Thursday night.

The accused pleaded not guilty and requested bail.

The prosecution said it did not object to bail, as long as the court imposed strict conditions on the man and ordered him not to approach the victim.

The court upheld the request for Haegglov’s temporary release from arrest, granting him bail on condition that he does not approach any of the prosecution’s witnesses, signs a bail book twice a week. He was granted bail against a €300 deposit and a personal guarantee of €3,000.

Inspector Nikolai Sant prosecuted. Lawyer Victor Bugeja was legal aid to the accused.