Egrant | Adrian Delia files judicial protest against Attorney General

The Opposition leader filed a judicial protest calling on Attorney General Peter Grech to give him a full copy of the Egrant Inquiry Report 

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia has filed a judicial protest against Attorney General Peter Grech's decision not to grant him a full copy of the Egrant Inquiry report.

In the letter Delia said he presented a judicial protest because he felt the Opposition should not be denied a copy of the full report compiled by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja, as this created a political imbalance in favour of the government, given that the Prime Minister was in possession of a copy.

The judicial protest was signed by lawyer Vincent Galea.

Delia had officially written to the Attorney General Peter Grech on Monday, requesting a full copy of the Egrant inquiry report.

On Wednesday evening, the Attorney General informed the Opposition leader that he would not be giving him a copy of the full inquiry, which is he said was yet to be passed on to the police for any action recommended by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja.

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Prime Minister says Egrant inquiry could be published in matter of days

The AG said that only the conclusions were published, as a matter of public interest, and due to the impact on the country's public life.

Yesterday, the Office of the Prime Minister reiterated its intention to publish the full report and said this could happen in a few days.