No bail for short fused fisherman

Fishing boat captain accused of punching one of his sailors

(File photo)
(File photo)

A fishing boat captain’s short fuse has landed him in trouble with the law again, after he was accused of punching one of his sailors for a minor error.

Jason Genovese, 43, from Marsaskala was accused of disfiguring the face of the man, grievously injuring him and causing him to fear violence against him or his family members.

He was also accused of breaching bail over a separate violent incident. Genovese’s arraignment comes almost a year to the day of his being accused of punching another sailor in the face

Inspector Eman Hayman explained that a person who had been injured had identified the accused. The victim needed surgery to correct the broken nasal bone he had suffered, amongst other injuries, he said.

The victim had worked with Genovese for four months, the inspector said. “Whenever he does a job that isn’t to his boss’ liking, Genovese would beat him up.”  He had gone to the police after several incidents partly because the injuries he had suffered were worse than in previous beatings.

Genovese told police that the victim had punched himself in the face. “After giving a very detailed account of everything, he could not recall exactly the punching bit,” said the inspector.

Lawyer Peter Paul Zammit argued that arrest “is not the dominion of the inspector but of the magistrate. It’s been this way since 2000.”
The police hadn’t spoken to the other fishermen on the boat, he pointed out.

The court, however, ruled the arrest valid due to the serious nature of the charges.

Genovese pleaded not guilty to the charge. He requested bail.

Inspector Hayman opposed bail because of the almost identical incident which occurred a year ago. “It’s like an annual appointment,” quipped the inspector.

 “Genovese’s tolerance is small and ends the moment he sees something wrong. This incident was about a wooden plank being in the wrong place.”

Zammit argued that the problems had been caused by the workers themselves..

The court denied bail due to civilian witnesses needing to testify. A protection order was issued in favour of the victim.

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