Man charged with aggravated drug possession denied bail

The police have charged a man after drugs were found in a chicken coop on a Siġġiewi farm 

More than 1kg of heroin was found
More than 1kg of heroin was found

A Siġġiewi man has denied aggravated drug possession charges after heroin and cannabis were discovered in a chicken coop on his farm.

Horace Fenech, 42, from Siġġiewi was arraigned before Magistrate Marseann Farrugia and charged with possession of heroin in circumstances which denoted it was not for his personal use, as well as possession of cannabis and cannabis resin.

Fenech was also charged with recidivism.

Inspectors Frank Anthony Tabone and Joseph Xerri said that Fenech was arrested after a police investigation led to the discovery of over a kilo of heroin, which was hidden in a chicken coop on Fenech’s farm in Siġġiewi.

The police said the drugs were found with the help of police dogs. Suspected cocaine was also found in a car belonging to a 33-year-old man from Qormi. Investigations into the latter case are ongoing.

In court today, Fenech denied the charges.

Inspector Tabone requested a freezing order over the man’s assets, as this was a potential drug trafficking case. The court upheld the request.

Lawyer Raisa Colombo requested bail but this was denied by the court.

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