Man pleads guilty to threatening father, brother

The man also admitted to damaging his brother’s property and to committing a crime while on probation

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(File Photo)

A 32-year-old man pleaded guilty on Wednesday to threatening his father and brother, as well as to damaging their property during an argument.

Neville Abela of Marsa was charged with damaging his brother’s Television and threatening him with an ashtray during an argument on Tuesday morning. He was also charged with threatening his father with violence and committing a crime while on probation.

Abela, who suffers from drug addiction, was given a three-year probation period for another crime just last month.

Additionally, he was accused of threatening and throwing items at his father with the intention of injuring him, and disturbing the peace on Sunday 2 September.

Magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras told the accused that the fact that he had committed a crime while on probation for another crime, which he said in court was theft, meant that he would likely face a prison term.

She stressed that he needed to do his best to help himself.

Abela pleaded guilty to the charges against him and requested bail while he awaited sentencing.

This resulted in a considerable delay in court as the police were asked to get the young man’s phone from the Police Headquarters, so that he could call a friend and confirm that he could stay with him.

The magistrate suggested he seek help for his addiction immediately.

A protection order was issued in relation to Abela’s brother and father, with the magistrate stressing with Abela that he was not to go anywhere near his family, their home or any place they regularly attended.

He was also banned from communicating with them for the length of the proceedings.

He was granted bail against a personal guarantee of €5,500 and must sign a bail book on Monday, Wednesday and Friday while abiding by a 9pm curfew.

Inspectors Stacy Attard and Wayne Camilleri prosecuted.

Ishmael Psaila was legal aid.

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