Man injured with chisel in fight between ex lovers, court told

The injured man got involved in an argument between his sister and her former partner, who had been sending her threatening messages

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(File Photo)

Bad blood between a man and his ex led to the woman’s brother being grievously injured with a chisel when the two bumped into each other on the Sliema seafront on Sunday evening.

Police told magistrate Aaron Bugeja that Hamrun toolmaker Bernard Pisani, 41 had made numerous phonecalls to his estranged partner and had been sending her threatening messages. One of the messages read: “Where are you? I’ll kill you”.

He had allegedly turned up at the woman’s residence on Sunday, hammering at her door and prompting neighbours to call the police. He had been spoken to by officers at the Hamrun police station and had promised to leave the woman, the mother of his child, alone.

But later in the evening, the man had tracked down his former partner to a bar in Sliema. An argument ensued and the woman’s brother had intervened.

In the resulting altercation, the woman’s brother was allegedly struck with a chisel, suffering grievous injuries.

Pisani was charged with causing grievous injuries without intending to endanger life and with breaching the peace.

Pisani, appearing in court with a visible cut to his head, pleaded not guilty. His defence lawyers Arthur Azzopardi and Alfred Abela requested the court to appoint a medical expert to determine the nature and cause of his injuries, as well as to determine whether any of the three had been under the influence of illicit substances or alcohol at the time of the incident.

Magistrate Bugeja upheld the requests and appointed another technical expert to retrieve call data involving the accused and his ex on Saturday and Sunday, as well as including localization data and CCTV footage of the incident.

After hearing submissions by both parties on bail, the court released the man against a third party guarantee of €10,000, ordering him to sign a bail book twice a week and prohibiting him from going to Hamrun, where his ex lives.

“This man is showing great trust and respect towards you. Should you fail, it’s he who will suffer,” warned the Magistrate, indicating the third party who had confirmed his bond on oath.

The court also issued a Protection Order prohibiting the man from approaching his alleged victims in any manner whatsoever.

Inspector Jonathan Ransley prosecuted. Lawyers Arthur Azzopardi and Alfred Abela were defence counsel. Lawyers Veronique Dalli and Dean Hili appeared parte civile.