'Dried fish' cannabis woman remanded in custody

A woman has pleaded not guilty to importing illegal drugs into Malta despite being found in posession of over 1kg cannabis

A woman has denied importing over a kilogramme of cannabis grass during an arraignment following her arrest at Malta International Airport. Abidemi Abigail Aborishade, 36, from Nigeria was arrested at the airport on Tuesday after customs officers found the drugs hidden in her luggage.

In a press release, the Customs Department said the woman's belongings were flagged after going through an x-ray machine. A subsequent search lead to the discovery of five plastic-wrapped packets, which Aborishade claimed to be dried fish. A narcotics field test was conducted which revealed the contents to be marijuana.

Inspector Jonathan Cassar charged the woman with importing illegal drugs under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance and possession of cannabis in circumstances which denoted that it was not exclusively for her personal use.

Aborishade denied the charges.

Although a plea of not guilty was entered, no request for bail was made. Magistrate Yana Micallef Stafrace ordered the woman be remanded in custody.

Lawyer Charmaine Cherrett was legal aid to the accused.

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