Man arraigned after police raid Marsa drug den

The man was handed an eight-month jail term after pleading guilty to the charges brought against him

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

A man has been jailed for aggravated possession of heroin, cocaine and cannabis.

Lee Jonathan Borg, 34, of Hamrun appeared in court before magistrate Gabriella Vella, accused of possession of the three illicit substances in circumstances which indicated that they were not for his personal use.

Inspector Mark Anthony Mercieca told the court that the police had executed a search warrant on a Marsa residence which the police had been informed was being used as a drug den. A raid was carried out on 13 January and three persons were arrested, Borg amongst them.

In court this morning, the accused pleaded guilty to the charges. He had helped the police in their investigations, the inspector said, and this was taken into account in sentencing.

Lawyer Dustin Camilleri, appearing as legal aid to the accused, told the court that the man needed help to overcome his drug dependency.

In view of his guilty plea, Borg was convicted of the charges and jailed for eight months, together with a fine of €500.

The drugs seized will not be destroyed as they are to be used as evidence against other persons arrested.


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