Confectionery store robber given probation

The man confessed to robbing a Zabbar confectionary store at knifepoint and was charged with aggravated theft

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(File Photo)

An unemployed man, who confessed to having held up a Zabbar confectionery store at knifepoint, had been placed under a probation order after a court gave him a chance to overcome his problems.

The 34-year old Zabbar resident, who cannot be named by order of the court, pleaded guilty during his arraignment on charges of aggravated theft, having held a store employee against her will, whilst armed with a knife.

He was also charged with being a recidivist.

The prosecution and defence approached the bench to discuss sensitive details about the case out of earshot of the public.

“Are you aware that the court may condemn you to a jail term of six years or more?” asked duty magistrate Monica Vella after the discussion was over. She asked whether he understood what his guilty plea meant when the man re-confirmed his admission.

The man nodded.

“Having heard from both your lawyer and the prosecution about your personal problems – not problems of a certain nature- I believe that you can get out of this situation and overcome your problems,” the magistrate said.

In view of the circumstances of the case, the court placed the man under a three-year Probation Order ordering that his probation officer report on his progress every six weeks.

The man was also handed a €115 fine, which was made payable over six months.

Inspectors Fabian Fleri, Lydon Zammit and Eman Hayman prosecuted.

Lawyer Francina Abela was legal aid counsel.

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