University library pigeonhole thief gets probation

A 23-year-old woman has been handed a three-year Probation Order by the courts, after admitting to stealing cash from student's bags at the University library

The woman was found guilty upon her own admission
The woman was found guilty upon her own admission

A court has given a second chance to a young woman who had admitted to stealing cash from students’ bags at the University library.

Amber-Ann Zammit, a 23-year-old from Ħamrun, currently unemployed, had been charged with theft in February after CCTV footage showed her making off with small amounts of cash, left with students’ personal belongings inside the university library pigeonholes.

Zammit had pleaded guilty upon her arraignment and was released on bail until a pre-sentencing report could be drawn up. That report had subsequently been submitted to the court, allowing magistrate Charmaine Galea to hand down judgment.

The woman was found guilty upon her own admission.

In its considerations on punishment, the Court took into account the accused’s early guilty plea, her cooperation with the police as well as the Probation Officer’s recommendations.

It also took into account Zammit’s criminal record and the fact that she had committed the thefts whilst under a conditional discharge, in which the courts had given her a first opportunity to change her ways and which she had squandered.

In view of the woman’s young age, the court opted for probation instead of prison, issuing her with a three-year Probation Order. This was the second time that the courts were giving her a chance, next time she may not be so lucky, remarked the magistrate.

“However the accused must understand that this is the second chance being afforded to her by the Courts and that it was now up to her whether or not to seize this second opportunity. A similar opportunity might not present itself again should she commit another offence,” it said.

Inspector Colin Sheldon prosecuted. Lawyers Franco Debono and Marion Camilleri were defence counsel.

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