Man charged with stealing drum kit and other equipment from band's garage

The man was caught trying to sell the stolen equipment on Maltapark

A man from Qormi has been remanded in custody after he was charged with stealing musical equipment from local band, Cryptic Street.

40-year-old Renald Baldacchino was identified as the author of a post on Maltapark advertising a drum kit and amplifier, which were both identified by the police as having been stolen over a year ago from the band’s garage in Birkirkara.

Using the advert as a starting point, investigators managed to track down the seller who denied any involvement in the alleged theft, insisting that he had bought the items from a third party.

Baldacchino pleaded not guilty to having allegedly received stolen goods during his arraignment. The man has a long criminal record, the court was told.

He was further charged with breaching the terms of a suspended sentence and four separate bail decrees as well as with being a recidivist.

A request for bail was strongly objected to by the prosecution in view of ongoing investigations and the possible risk of him tampering with evidence. 

Inspectors Mario Xiberras and Elton Taliana argued that the man had frittered away previous chances at reforming himself, given by the courts. They added that the third party from whom the accused had supposedly acquired the stolen items, had denied this fact during a face-to-face confrontation during the police investigations.

After hearing submissions by both parties, the court, presided over by magistrate Neville Camilleri, denied the request for bail due to the nature of the charges and the accused’s criminal record. 

Lawyer Noel Bianco was defence counsel. 

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