Prison for men who stole from parked car in Hamrun

The men had stolen several items from a parked Toyota Vitz including cash, sunglasses, a cheap mobile and several bank cards

Two men were brought before the court on the charge that they had stolen several items from a parked Toyota Vitz in Hamrun.

Muhamed Isam Elden, 26, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to seven months in prison but Awed Ahmed Tariq pleaded not guilty and his case will be heard in a future sitting. The latter was denied bail.

The incident took place on 18 January, when the two Sudanese men allegedly saw that a parked car on St Thomas Street in Hamrun was unlocked. The court heard how the two broke into the car and stole a pouch from the backseat, containing around €60 in cash, sunglasses, a cheap mobile phone, several bank cards and ID cards.

Elden, pleading guilty, was told by the court that he could face up to two years in prison and at least a minimum of 10 months behind bars.

Legal aid lawyer Joe Brincat argued that an early admission should mean that he is sentenced to a third of the usual punishment.

The court however returned with the fact that he was a repeat offender.

The court found Elden guilty and on the basis of his early admission sentenced him to seven months in prison, after which he would be sent home to Sudan.

Legal aid lawyer for Tariq, Ibtisam Sadegh, asked for bail.

The prosecution objected, citing his recidivism as a reason. “He’s not a trustworthy character and has no fixed address. His documents don’t show any permanent residence.”

The court denied bail.

Inspectors Wayne Camilleri and Matthew Galea prosecuted.